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1 Yoga Class 2 Mo. Exp. Choose Style
Note:: Exp 2 months from purchase. No refunds on sessions.
Class is valid for: *Gentle and Restorative Yoga *Iyengar Jay *Hatha Yoga *Kundalini Yoga
Price: $20.00
Aerial Yoga or Cycling Group Class
Note:: Expires 3 months from date of purchase.
All Levels. Schedule your group class by completing the purchase and entering your class date and time in the comment box at check out. Select a song of your choice for the cycling class and any comments regarding any injuries. You are confirmed for your class if you've booked within 48 hours. Less than 48 hours, we will confirm via email for the availability.
Price: $25.00
4 Yoga Classes or 1 Month of Tai Chi or 3 Cycling Classes
Note:: Exp 2 months from purchase. No refunds on sessions.
Classes are valid for: *Gentle and Restorative Yoga *Hatha Yoga *Iyengar with Jay *Kundalini Yoga *Promo 2018: 3 Cycling Classes Tai Chi is available monthly only.
Price: $59.99
10 Classes Shareable 6 Mo. Exp Choose Style
Note:: 6 Month Expiration Date from Date of Purchase. No Refund Membership or Classes.
Choose From: *Gentle / Restorative *Iyengar with Jay *Hatha Yoga *Kundalini Yoga Excludes Iyengar 1-3 with Maryam, Iyengar Progressive with Marcy, Aerial and workshops.
Price: $150.00
PROMO: $49 Unlimited Classes
Note:: Expires 1 week from initial visit and 3 months from purchase date. No Refunds. 1 per student. New and non active students (6 months) only.
This is a 1 week pass for: *Iyengar with Jay *Kundalini Yoga *Hatha Yoga *Gentle & Restorative Yoga *Aerial Yoga *Cycling
Price: $49.00
1 Month Unlimited (12 mo Contract)
Note:: Expires 1 month from the date of initial use. No Refund on Membership.
Choose from: *Iyengar with Jay *Gentle and Restorative Yoga *Hatha Yoga *Kundalini 12 Month Contract on Auto Pay. Purchase here and set up autopay in studio. Cannot be combined. Excludes all other Iyengar
Price: $80.00
Promo: 1 Month Everything.
Note:: Expires 1 month from initial visit or 3 months from expiration. No Refunds. Not Transferable. New students or upgrade membership to existing students.
1 Month Unlimted No Contract. Valid for 1 month of everything: *Gentle Restorative *Iyengar with Jay *Hatha Yoga *Kundalini Yoga *Kids Aerial Yoga *Aerial Yoga *Cycling Excludes all other Iyengar classes.
Price: $99.00
Promo: 1 Year Unlimited 2018
Note:: Expires 12/31/18. New and Existing Students. Non Refundable. Non Transferable.
This package is offered for a limited time through Jan 31st. Includes: *Hatha Yoga *Kundalini Yoga *Tai Chi *Aerial Yoga *Cycling *Kids Aerial *Gentle and Restorative *Meditation *Beach Yoga *Member Events (Movie Nights etc.) *Member Guest Lectures
Price: $980.00
Private Session
Note:: 1 Year Expiration from date of Purchase. No Refunds on Sessions
Private Sessions: $75 1 hour of Yoga (Hatha for health and healing) (Enter Qty "3" on check out) $100 1 hour of Tai Chi Advanced Long Form. (Enter Qty "4" on check out) $125 1 hour of Tai Chi Master teaching of Chen or Yang style of Long Form (Enter Qty. 5 on check out)
Price: $25.00
Beach Yoga
Note:: Exp 3 months from purchase. No refunds on sessions.
Regularly $25 per session. Offer Valid through May 31st, 2015. Email or Text to Confirm Reservation. R.S.V.P. Required. Meets at Will Rogers Beach 12p Winter, Spring, Fall 4:30p Summer Season. Please note which date you will be attending in the comment box.
Price: $15.00
Gift Certificate
Note:: No Expiration date. Redeemable for Services Only. Not redeemable for cash value.
Give the gift of healing. Receive a Heal and Soul Gift Certificate to present to your loved one mailed to the address you specify. Please Select the Quantity to increase the value of your certificate. (Quantity 1=$25, Quantity 4=$100)
Price: $25.00